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Terms and conditions


All Participants (Applicants) and Host Families are expected to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions below.  
Please ask for help in your own language if need be.

Limitation of liabilities

Le Lay Language Consulting (represented by Christèle Le Lay) acts as an agent for the introduction of an Applicant in a host Family and /or in a Language School. All our introductions are based only on Applicants, Families and Language Schools that have been thoroughly vetted by us and carefully selected through application and interview processes.

Le Lay Language Consulting shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss of, damage, expense, injury, death or any inconvenience suffered by the Applicant, the Language School, the Host Family or anyone else who may be involved with the programme.

The Family shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss of, damage, expense, injury, death or inconvenience suffered by the Applicant whilst staying at the residential address of the family.

The Language School shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss of, damage, expense, injury, death or inconvenience suffered by the Applicant at any time of the programme.

Applicant's personal liability, repatriation and health insurances

It is a condition that the Participant is required to take out personal insurance to cover his personal liability and health in the UK. Such insurance is to be effective from the date that the Participant leaves home and up to the time he returns home. 

Once the Applicant has completed and sent the registration form to Le Lay Language Consulting, the following documents are required as soon as possible for non-European Community citizens:

  1. proof of identity (passport copy)

  2. original certificate of insurance covering personal liability

  3. original certificate of insurance covering health insurance

  4. original certificate of insurance covering repatriation insurance

Failure to provide these documents in a timely manner will lead the contract to be terminated and a refund will be sent back to the Applicant less the non-refundable £150 inscription fees. 

Citizens from countries within the European Community are required to present proof of identity upon arrival. For stays longer than four weeks,  we highly recommend Applicants to register at their local NHS medical centre in the two weeks following arrival (non-permanent registration only).

Booking and Payment

To book a course a £150 deposit is required for courses lasting up to 3 months in duration and a £300 deposit for courses in excess of 3 months. As far as accommodation is concerned, a further £150 deposit is required for stays lasting up to 3 months in duration and a £300 deposit for stays in excess of 3 months. The course will only be confirmed by Le Lay Language Consulting upon receipt of this/these deposit/s.

The balance of fees must be received in London in sterling pounds (GBP) six weeks prior to the course commencing. Le Lay Language Consulting reserves the right to cancel the reservation if full payment is not received by this time with no refund of the initial deposits.


Estimations of the fees in Euros are approximations only except for the following two programmes : "English and Horse riding in Ireland" and "Learn English performing Arts in London". The price for our services are guaranteed in GBP only. If you pay with Euros, you are responsible for the bank change and transfer fees (adding £6 for our receiving bank transfer fees). Added charge of 3% for payments in credit cards.

(La conversion en monnaie étrangère est donnée à titre indicatif et non contractuelle. Seule la somme en livre sterling GBP indiquée sur le devis est garantie. Si le paiement s’effectue dans une autre monnaie, les frais de change et de transfert sont à la charge du participant).

Cancellation, Refunds & Fee Reductions

a) Refunds, less the non-refundable deposits, are subject to the following:

b) We strongly recommend you take out your own cancellation insurance in case you are unable to start your course or complete it for reasons beyond your control such as illness.

c) 50% fees less the deposit will be refunded if you fail to gain a visa. Original documentary evidence of this must be received in written at least two weeks before the start date.

d) Requests for refunds must be made in writing to Le Lay Language Consulting if you applied directly, otherwise refunds should be requested from your agent. 

e) Change of time is strictly subject to availability. The rules of refunds apply as above and any additional fees have to be paid before the change can be made. 

f) In all cases of refunds of tuition fees, your student card or letter of enrolment must be shown.

g) In homestay accommodations, the same weekly fee applies for either 6 or 7 days: there is no reduction for 6 nights.


1. While every effort will be made to place students at the centre of their choice and at their preferred time, occasionally the location or time of classes may need to change according to demand. Le Lay Language Consulting reserves the right to offer an alternative course, to an equivalent value, if the demand is below that required for a course to operate.

2. Le Lay Language Consulting is closed for two weeks at Christmas. There is no reduction in fees if the course includes a bank holiday (except One-to-One tuition). A holiday of one week may be taken for every 12 weeks booked.

3. Students in London must be aged 15 years or over except for the programme "Learn English through Musical Theatre" (from 12). Upon arrival, an appropriate ID might be required including visa page if applicable and a copy taken for our records. All information will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act (see our Data Protection policy).

4. The Language School is required to notify the UK Border Agency of the non-attendance of any students who needed a student visa to enter the UK. If you fail to attend for more than 10 consecutive days, we are obliged to inform the UK Border Agency, and this may affect your visa status. You will need to show 85% attendance over 20h/week when renewing your visa.

5. Neither Le Lay Language Consulting nor the Language School can accept any responsibility for participants' personal possessions left unattended on school premises.  

6. The participant <18 is restricted from going out on her/his own of his hosting family or accommodation after 7.00 pm unless written parental consent has been obtained. Failure to comply may lead to the exclusion of the participant without refund.

7. Included / Not included in the London language course fees

Course Fees do not include:

  • Registration fees (where applicable)

  • Bank Charges (where applicable)

  • Personal Insurance (www.endsleigh.co.uk)

  • International and local travel costs

  • Special Cultural Programme Events

  • Book


Course Fees include:

  • Placement Test

  • Welcome Pack

  • Tuition Fees

  • 30 minutes free internet access per day

  • Use of self-study library materials (and computer laboratory where applicable)

8. It is a basic stipulation of the agreement between the student and Le Lay Language Consulting or its representatives that neither Le Lay Language Consulting nor its representatives are liable to the student in cases where the school is unable to fulfil any services to which they are contractually bound because of strikes or other reasons that are beyond their control. This includes traffic congestion and public transport delays.

9. Le Lay Language Consulting reserves the right to change published courses and accommodation information, including fees, at any time.

10. Data Protection policy

11. Jurisdiction and Law: All terms and conditions on this website will be governed by English law and disputes arising in relation to the same shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.