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General and Business English courses
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Study in the British Museum area!

Here is the perfect friendly  English school in the heart of London with a wide range of quality English language courses including General English, Exam Preparation for TOEFL, TOEIC, etc. You are sure to find the perfect course for you! Accreditations by the British Council and ETS Global.

The beautiful, historic premises are located just two minutes from Holborn underground station and only 5 minutes from Oxford Street, Covent Garden and the British Museum. With modern facilities, excellent customer service, an exciting social programme and academic excellence, our programme is your choice for success!

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General and Business English content

General and Business English

These courses begin with assessing your level of English on arriving at the school and defining your strengths and weaknesses. You are then placed in a class at your level. The course covers all aspects of the language including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and reading, writing & listening skills. There is a strong focus on fluency and effective communication, and a major part of this course is activating the passive knowledge that many students already have.

Standard Courses

Choose between 15 or 20 lessons* per week on our standard courses. This programme of study will help you improve all the key areas you need for greater fluency and is ideal for those who wish to combine study with work or sightseeing. The 15 lesson option is based around a coursebook syllabus and the timetable leaves you plenty of time for other interests outside the classroom. The 20 lesson option extends this to develop your speaking skills through additional conversation practice.

Intensive Courses

This fast track option offers you either 25 or 30 lessons* per week. It combines the standard course plus an additional 5, 10 or 15 lessons per week. This is the ideal course for those wanting to make the maximum progress in the time available.

Business English

As companies around the world become more international and communication is made faster and easier, English has become the global language of choice for all aspects of business. Many corporations demand fluency in English for all their employees.

You can choose to study business English in group classes or we can tailor-make a programme to suit your specialisation, combining group course and 1-1. You can even choose to take an Internship programme in your career area.

* One Lesson = 50 minutes

Prices for a group course 2011

We will set up the best tailor-made programme of the participant, according to her/his needs and objectives. Here is an example of a General or Business English course with homestay in a standard family. Optional conversation courses in group or one-to-one classes.

  1 week 2 weeks
General or Business English course of 15 hours per week 
STANDARD AFTERNOON 15.00-18.00, Monday to Friday 
£ 124 £ 245
Registration fees £ 50 £ 50
Homestay Bed and Breakfast, standard twin room (2 participants coming together at the same dates) £ 125  £ 250
Accommodation arrangement fee £   50   £ 50
Course materials  £ 25   £ 25

TOTAL without extras     

£ 374 £ 620

Fees also include:

Fees do not include:

Choose your General or Business English course: morning, afternoon or intensive?


1 week 2 3 4 6 8 10 12 16
Standard Morning (code SM) -09:00-12:00 - 15 lessons/week - Max 14 students per class
167 330 490 646 948 1236 1511 1772 2252
Standard Midday (code SMD) -12:00-15:00 - 15 lessons/week - Max 14 students per class
138  274  407 538 794 1040 1277 1504 1932
Standard Afternoon (code SA) -15:00-18:00 - 15 lessons/week - Max 18 students per class
124 245 362 476 693 897 1087 1263 1573
Standard Plus Morning (code SPM) -09:00-13:00 - 20 lessons/week - Max 14 students per class
214 424 633 836 1233 1617 1986 2341 3012
Standard Plus Midday (code SPMD) -12:00-16:00 - 20 lessons/week - Max 14 students per class
167 330 490 646 949 1237 1512 1773 2254
Intensive Morning (code IM) -09:00-14:00 - 25 lessons/week - Max 14 students per class
258 513 764 1011 1496 1967 2424 2867 3712
Intensive Afternoon (code IA) -12:00-18:00 - 25 lessons/week - Max 18 students per class
216 428 637 842 1242 1628 2001 2360 3036
Intensive Plus (code IP) -09:00-15:00 - 25 lessons/week - Max 18 students per class
302 600 896 1187 1760 2318 2864 3395 4416

Combination English, group course and 1-1 :

TOEIC or TOEFL preparation courses or other objectives

As well as improving your Business English skills, you may wish to study English for a specific topic that relates to your work, study or special interest. This is the perfect tool to prepare a TOEIC exam at the dates of your choice.

A combination course combines General or Business English classes 9-12 am from Monday to Friday, with 5, 10 or 15 one-to-one lessons per week. Whether you want to learn specific English vocabulary relating to business, engineering or banking or you want to study English for literature, art or football, a combination course is the right choice for you. 

If you are planning to improve your result at the TOEIC exam, you'll need to take any previous results. This will help your English teacher assessing the areas of improvement. In fact, you will need to work in several fields: listening and reading skills, time management during the exam and focus where your needs are.

Prices for the combination English course:

No accommodation included 1 week
15 hours group course + 5 hours/week one-to-one £ 397
15 hours group course + 10 hours/week one-to-one £ 627
15 hours group course + 15 hours/week one-to-one £ 857

Further information on this combined English course:  TOEIC flexible preparation course.

Booking and payment

1. Please fill on-line our  Pre-booking Form after having checked our Terms and Conditions. Please indicate your e-mail address and telephone number: we'll keep those data safe and will not communicate them with any third parties: Privacy policy.

2. We get back to you and we give you any further information needed with a free quotation of the programme(s) chosen by email or over the phone. You may have to fill and send us a specific application form according to the programme chosen.

3. Booking: you send us a £150 booking deposit per course and per accommodation. Full payment must be received one month previous programme start. Payment terms:

4. You confirm the arrival and departure flight/train number, time and place by email.

5. You receive a confirmation from the programme (and for the accommodation if it applies) with all the relevant information regarding your arrival.

The earlier you register, the closer the hosting family in London!!!

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